Life in the time of Corona

It was only March, but the world was already going on a spinning round thanks to a novel Corona virus.

For us in Indonesia, at the time this document is written, we are already in the #stayathome period for 6 weeks. Children are learning from home. Workers are working from home. Across town travel is banned.

Things are not easy for everyone. It is challenging to adapt.

Realising that this will influence people’s emotion and behaviour, we at Eye to Eye were curious to understand more about that. And as the sole licensee of StoryworksTM – a visual tool to explore people’s emotions, we want to know how people will react to those visuals and what it can reveal to us in terms of deeper emotions that people cannot express in words.

We started it with a qualitative research – utilizing online FGD using Zoom, and it was interesting to observe that though this is turbulent time with turbulent emotion, but people are very resilient and positive. There is also a focus on finding creative solutions – finding ways and testing things out to find the best way to adapt to this sudden change.

We are now following it up with a quantitative online survey.

If you wish to know more about this study, feel free to contact us. We would love to discuss it with you.

You may access the snippets of the qualitative research findings here.

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