Unlocking your brand's potential through market research.

We believe in connections. 

Connections to brands, consumers, and of course our clients, are the key to provide the best solutions. We value honest, quality work and think ourselves as our client's trusted advisors to navigate the market through the following services.

Focus Group Discussions

Structured group discussion to collect information on consumer's opinion, beliefs, attitudes and/or perception towards a particular topic. Usually consists of 4-8 participants, depending on the depth of information needed. 

In-depth Interviews

One-on-One interview with a consumer, to get to know their deep motivation, beliefs, attitude towards a particular topic, that may not be able to be expressed in a larger group discussion setting. 

In-depth interviews may be conducted in a structured setting or in-home in consumer's natural habitat.

Commercial Ethnography

An anthropologically flavored methodology for understanding consumers, their behaviors, categories, occasions, needs and values. Through extended immersions (often combined with depth interviews) and observations of consumers in their natural habitat.


A way to explore consumer's day to day untapped needs, pain-points,  habits via written or online diary.


Measuring emotions and experiences simply, quickly & intuitively with StoryWorks®

StoryWorks® captures implicit behavioral and cultural truths simply, quickly & intuitively

  • Human values & goals expressed visually
  • Quick & intuitive visual tasks in minutes
  • Emotional research with cultural sensitivity

Advantages in using StoryWorks®

  • We can dig deeper about the emotional meaning of brands and/or products with the help of the visuals. And we know that THE MIND CONNECTS WITH VISUAL STIMULUS MUCH EASIER THAN WHEN HAVING TO EXPLAIN THEMSELVES WITH WORDS
  • StoryWorks® visual cards have been validated across cultures so no matter where we do this, we can be confident that the findings are reliable
  • Thus via this model, the category and brand will be able to understand a lot more about the emotional significance of things, that is useful to build brand positioning as well as other marketing elements

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