There is no same answer for every problem, but that's why we are here.

When it comes to the market, only by deep diving with you on every business process will we be able to help you understand the market voice and what people want and need.

Through both qualitative as well as quantitative research methods, Eye to Eye are able to develop value at every stage of the brand experience:

The ‘Inspired, Ideate, Innovate’ method is the crucial part of how we work, helping you through your brand’s journey to unlock its potential. Read on to understand more about what we offer in each of the phase.


A journey starts with an inspiration of where to go, of knowing the path. And the best source of inspiration is the market itself. Together we dive into consumer understanding and explore the underlying motives, understand what makes them tick, what really matters to them.

  • Commercial Ethnography

A deep dive into consumers’ lives, understanding how they behave in relation to a certain product category or life contexts; also exploring needs, motivations, values that drive a certain behaviour.

  • Market & Consumer Segmentations

Establishing different typologies of consumers and market dynamics, which learnings are then captured and solidified into a set of patterns which we can use to steer the brand’s marketing strategies.

  • Shopper Understanding

Explore how people buy and choose at points of purchase, as well as discover what kinds of activities or stimuli at points of purchase can attract shoopers, for a certain product or service.


Ideation is a process to help you craft insight and inspirations into a series of relevant solutions, including those previously unthinkable. The best brands are those who can elevate the insight and inspirations gathered from the market and consumers into meaningful solutions.

  • Insight Generation Workshop 

Extracti insights from your direct consumer or shopper encounters, using a set of tools in our workshop.

  • Concept Development Workshop

Using various creative thinking tools, we turn insights into ideas and develop concepts using a user-friendly framework.

  • Brand Thumbrint Development

To develop a strong brand, we need to have all of its elements well defined and anchored on real consumer understanding. A good definition of what the brand stands for will better guide it in its journey to get closer to consumers.

  • Idea Nurturing

Good ideas are not created overnight – be it about product, pack design, or other marketing elements aside from price. So we need to ensure that ideas are not prematurely ‘killed’. Idea nurturing is our service that is anchored in evaluative research, to check ideas with potential end consumers.


Any ideas, concepts, or solutions that have been developed should be evaluated before they can evolve into real offers or innovations. Even successful brands should be evaluated and tracked overtime to anticipate future challenges as well as promises. This is about staying ahead, and at the same time managing the risk of possible breakdowns.

  • Con-Val

Turning concepts into concrete offers involves a huge investment. Through Con-Val we evaluate the final concepts - advertising, message, product, service, promotion, or packaging - so we can fine-tune them to ensure your concrete offers are compelling.

  • Launch-Val 

Launch-Val is a pre and post launch evaluation process, to find out consumer acceptance.

Preparing and Following a product or service launch, it is essential that we know early on how it is accepted, and how we can adjust or adapt certain elements so it can be accepted even beter.

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